Kurzor:\ Tijana T [RS]

Zařazeno v Elektronika, Techno

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Pátek Leden
  • otevíráme: 22:00
  • start: 22:00
  • cena předprodej: 200 Kč
  • cena na místě: 250 Kč

The second | part of | new | fresh | electronic | less or more | slow or brisk | not only dark | TECHNO | rave | clubbing | serie | is | here



Small stage

22:00 - Oneiro

2:00 - Roman Porni

4:00 - Jak Sen


Big stage

23:00 - Dash

1:00 - Tijana T

3:00 - Marie Pravda

Tijana T [RS] Dystopian
📂:\ soundcloud.com/tijanat

Dash [CZ] DUNA
📂:\ soundcloud.com/dash-cz

◾ Marie Pravda [CZ]
📂:\ soundcloud.com/yomomsmokescrack

Belgrade is where the artist born Tijana Todorovic first made her name. A former student of philosophy, her move toward music as more than a passion coincided with extreme turbulence in Serbia throughout the 1990s. The idealism of ‘90s rave culture met the cold reality of regional collapse. Parties she would attend took place in the afternoon before NATO bombs fell.

Her mastery of an acid-dominant techno style with elements of breakbeat, house, electro and synth-rock has turned ears all across the globe. What happens when she plays is empathy with the audience, selecting music to expand their hunger, as well as satisfy their pleasure-centre core.

This is why everyone from Berghain to The Bunker NYC, and Beats In Space to Boiler Room have called upon Tijana T lately.